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About Athena


Athena is a mature escort in Schiphol who knows how to please her clients. She has dark eyes and a voluptuous figure that make her irresistible. Often described as MILF, it adds an extra touch of appeal to her character. At 41 years old, she has mastered the art of seduction and expanded her skills to suit different customers.

Athena offers various services to satisfy her clients’ needs as an escort in Schiphol. Her GFE Service gives clients a realistic experience of being with a girlfriend. They can cuddle, kiss, and enjoy physical intimacy as if they were in a genuine relationship.

Athena also has a Dinner Date Service for those who love good food and conversation. With this service, clients can have a cosy dinner date with Athena, where they can chat, laugh, and make unforgettable memories. The atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, making it perfect for people who want to relax or celebrate something special.

For those who are daring, Athena offers an Anal Service that no one else can match. This intimate encounter requires trust, communication, and patience, which Athena does well. She makes sure her clients feel comfortable and happy throughout the whole experience, making it a unique and satisfying adventure.

Athena is an escort in Schiphol who takes pride in delivering exceptional services to her customers. With her warm personality, stunning looks, and diverse service options, she has become one of the most sought-after escorts in the city of Schiphol. Whether clients want romance, companionship, or adventure, Athena is ready to meet their desires with unparalleled professionalism and dedication.

Athena's Details


Athena is a 41-year-old Schiphol escort who has a mature and confident personality. She has a voluptuous body that resembles a MILF, with curvy features and big breasts. Her height is 172cm, and her weight is 58kg, giving her a perfect balance of strength and grace. She has dark brown hair that reaches her waist and expressive eyes that sparkle with fun. As an escort at Schiphol, she can make any man fall for her charm and charisma.

41 yr
D cup

Athena's Prices

These are Athena's hourly rates. These prices include Athena's taxi to and from your location. Some areas might have an additional cost, which you will be told about..

  • 1 Hour € 160
  • 2 Hours € 320
  • 3 Hours € 450

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